Admission starts from December for Session 2024-25

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
– Nelson Mandela

Evaluation System

Pre Primary Wing (Nursery to Grade 1)

Observation and Thematic Assessment (Pre- Primary Wing) Assessments are based on regular observation of the child under different domains of learning and development like Psychomotor, Social and Emotional, Physical domain. The Cognitive aspect of the child’s growth and development (PANCHA KOSHA VIKAS )is assessed through thematic worksheets and activities. The year round observations under the above said domains are recorded in the anecdote and compiled together in HPC given periodically (Term wise) to help the stakeholders know about the scope or the areas of improvement in a child. Montessori Lab is provided to help the child enhance their Linguistic, Numerical / mathematical , fine motor and scientific skills.
For Grade 1, 20 marks thematic worksheet is given for the Subjects like Environmental Science, GK, Mathematics, Hindi and English in Periodic Assessments (before Term 1 & 2) whereas 30 mark assessments are conducted for Term Assessment under the given subjects.
The students are judged not only on the basis of 3 hours exam but on their performance throughout the year.

Middle Wing (Classes 6 to 8)

Assessments and Examination Periodic assessments and examination is a regular feature of the teaching - learning process to know about the development of understanding, analytical and explorative approach. It is to help the child to think critically by processing the knowledge acquired during the regular classroom transactions. During the session, there are three periodic assessments of 20 marks (further converted into 10) and two term examinations of 80 marks each are conducted with 5 marks subject enrichment activity and 5 marks Project or other assignments.

Senior Secondary Wing

(Grade 9 & 11)

For Grade 9 & 11 there are 2 to 3 periodic tests and 2 term exams held as per the annual planner. Each periodic test would carry 20 marks (converted to 10), project of 5 marks, subject enrichment 5 marks and term exam of 80 marks in both the terms are evaluated. Assessments are done on the guidelines provide by CBSE.

(Grade 10 & 12)

There is 1 to 2 Periodic Tests, one Term and 2 Pre Boards held up for Grade 10 and 12 to give the students a thorough learning and assessment practices before their appearance in Board Examinations. 10, 20 or 30 (varies with the subject) are the Internal marks for the assessments, awarded to the students against project work, pen paper test, subject enrichment activities. The Assessment and Examination techniques and processes are as per the CBSE guidelines.

Note –There is no Retest policy in school in case of absenteeism from exam with an exception to medical or poor health conditions as verified by the Doctor. A child has to submit an application with medical certificate to be considered against absenteeism during examination.